For Sophia (first feature)

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original title:

Per Sofia

directed by:


Nadia Kibout, Anna Teresa Rossini, Giordano Petri, Stéphanie Capetanides, Emma Medas, Carina Wachsmann, Jonathan Deman, Mariano Sigillo


Ilaria Paganelli, Alessandra Carati

costume design:


Valeria Puddu






film run:



35mm - colour

release date:


festivals & awards:

Two lives, two destinies that intertwine and finish together set in a magical and mysterious background. Isaac is a young musician, influenced by his father and his surroundings. He falls into an existential crisis and decides to get distance from his environments and surroundings which are keeping him away from being himself and from fulfilling his dream: to compose. He takes the opportunity to go to Sardinia, to live in S’Archittu, in a house on the cliffs, next to a house that has been unoccupied for a long time. During the 1940’s the house was inhabited by a young piano player named Sophia. Isaac comes to know about the story, and it helps him getting inspiration and growing personally.
It’s a story of love and happiness, of suffering and pain, but most of all it’s filled with hope. Hope of finding each other after having lost of sight one and other, of regaining trust in one and other, of resuming where one left off for whatever reason. The important thing is to recognize the signals life sends you: it could be an encounter, to listen to the silence, to be able to see on the cliffs a young woman dressed in white…..