Notizie degli scavi

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Notizie degli scavi

Notizie degli scavi

Notizie degli scavi

original title:

Notizie degli scavi

directed by:


Emidio Greco, from the novel by Franco Lucentini


costume design:





film run:



35mm - colour

release date:


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The main character of the story, ironically nicknamed “the Professor”, is an insignificant-looking man in his forties with an absorbed and stunned expression on his face. Apparently shut off from the world around him, he pays unprepared and unpredictable attention to things, leading him to becoming distracted and following a train of a thought often incongruous to the contingencies of life. He leads a wretched life as a handyman in a dodgy house-cum-hostel in Rome. However, one day the drudgery of his life is thrown into a whirl by his encounter with the Marchesa, a prostitute who used to live in the house and who has tried to kill herself after a doomed love affair. The Professor frequently goes to visit her in hospital and, in a build-up of attentions, exchanges of simple gestures and mutual kindnesses, it appears that an unlikely affection is developing between them. Yet it is another episode that will affect the Professor’s conscience more deeply: a visit to the ruins of Villa Adriana in Tivoli. Through an exchange and interweaving of meanings, the extraordinary archaeological remains will reawaken his awareness of the mediocrity of his life.