Vallanzasca, Angels of Evil

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Vallanzasca, Angels of Evil (Vallanzasca - Gli angeli del male)

Vallanzasca, Angels of Evil (Vallanzasca - Gli angeli del male)

Vallanzasca, Angels of Evil (Vallanzasca - Gli angeli del male)

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Vallanzasca - Gli angeli del male

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Cosmo Production, BaBe Films, Pantera, Mandragora Movies, Fox International Production





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35mm - colour

The life, the crimes, the arrests and the prison break of Renato Vallanzasca and his group is a cinematic story that also gives a broader picture of our recent history. Milan, the seventies. The underworld is dominated by the unchallenged power of Francis Turatello, nicknamed “Faccia d’angelo” (Angel Face) when Vallanzasca’s gang arrive on the scene. Having begun his criminal career at an early age, he is now the leader of a gang made up of his childhood friends, drug addicts and juvenile delinquents who have progressed from robbery to one murder after another. The cash flows and the gang throw themselves into highlife. Renato, in the meantime, has met Consuelo, a beautiful and self-assured girl from the south who finds herself with him at the time of his first arrest through to his prison break from San Vittore four and a half years later. But Vallanzasca’s outlaw days are coming to an end: the killing of two policemen in the tollbooth at Dalmine changes the destiny of the crime boss who is arrested shortly afterwards. His prison sentence at Rebibbia offers him the chance to clear things up with his sworn enemy Turatello. The following years are punctuated by transfers from one prison to another, by trials and by daring escapes. After the umpteenth escape he runs to Antonella, a childhood friend who has stayed close to him all his life. But once more Vallanzasca’s life as a fugitive comes to an end one summer evening.