The Entrepreneur

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The Entrepreneur (L'industriale)

The Entrepreneur (L'industriale)

The Entrepreneur (L'industriale)

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35mm - colour

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The film is the story of Nicola, forty-years-old, who inherited a factory from his father in Turin, now on the verge of bankruptcy. Strangled by debt and the banks, the great economic crisis which stifles the whole planet, Nicola decides to solve his problems without any scruples, just as they would do the financial institutions.
Laura, his wife, is more and more distant. He is losing her love, but he does nothing to bridge the gap that now separates them.
Besieged by the workers who want to know their fate, he is now waiting to conclude a joint venture with a German company.
Nicola feels that something is troubling that the only left certainty: his wife. But instead of opening his heart with Laura, he begins to suspect her and spy her. Everything falls.
The Germans reject the agreement and Laura announces that she is going to divorce.
Nicola goes crazy. Then the wheel of life turns and everything seems to go right again...