Kryptonite! (first feature)

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Kryptonite! (La Kryptonite nella borsa)

Kryptonite! (La Kryptonite nella borsa)

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La Kryptonite nella borsa

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35mm - colour

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Every family has its secrets. But some are funnier than others.
Naples. 1973.
Peppino Sansone is 9, comes from a large and fairly chaotic family and has an older cousin, Gennaro, who thinks he is Superman.
Peppino divides his days between the crazy and colourful world of his young aunt and uncle, Titina and Salvatore, made up of dancing in squares, parties in basements and attending feminist collectives, and his home where his mum has shut herself away in an incomprehensible silence and his father tries to distract him by giving him little chicks to keep as if they were pets.
But when Gennaro dies, Peppino’s imagination rewrites reality and brings him back to life, as though his cousin really were the superhero he said he was.
And it is thanks to this imaginary friend, this Neapolitan Superman and his not-so-super powers that Peppino manages to face up to the vicissitudes of his family and start to approach the adult world.