Cara ti amo (first feature)

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Cara ti amo

Cara ti amo

Cara ti amo

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Cara ti amo

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HD/35mm - colour

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Four friends, at the threshold of their forties, face "the other half of the sky" to try, without any big expectations, to understand the women's world.
Each one of them has, in his past, a personal history with aftermaths, scars or simple allergy to relationships left.
So their friendship has become a good alternative to the feelings protection that usually comes from relationships.
Still, their destinies, like the ones of any heterosexual adult man, is to try and relate with the feminine universe.

A harder and harder task, that will lead our protagonists to experiment absurd, comic or purely surreal situations involving possible fiancées, girl friends or one night stands. Through their stories, we undercover the unmentionable overanxieties and madnesses of the contemporary woman, and the impossibility for the men to figure those out.