I casi della vita

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I casi della vita

I casi della vita

original title:

I casi della vita

directed by:


Film Kairòs, Enel Spa





film run:



35mm - colour

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"I casi della vita" is a film in episodes commissioned by the PR department of Italy’s State electricity corporation Enel to raise public awareness on safety in the workplace by using the communicative power of film. Corso Salani was just the right director for the project, with the ability to impact on the viewer at both the rational and the emotional level. The film blends its narrative with the accounts of Enel employees involved in accidents at work, both in Italy and on company sites worldwide. Kira is a young and talented skater. Her father is very proud of her, so proud as to forget his duties in the workplace. He has an accident which will leave its mark on Kira’s life and career for ever.