The Perfect Life

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The Perfect Life (la vita facile)

The Perfect Life (la vita facile)

The Perfect Life (la vita facile)

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la vita facile

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35mm - colour

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Why is “the perfect life” the most difficult life to live? Mario Tirelli doesn’t know. A surgeon who has attained fame, wealth, and success, he suddenly decides to leave for Africa to assist his life-long friend Luca Manzi. Luca Manzi doesn’t know. He came to Africa years ago to set up a hospital, leaving behind everything, as well as a few things he didn’t understand. And above all, Ginevra – the woman they met together, but who, as fate would have it, became Mario’s wife – doesn’t know.
Three friends, three opposing visions of the world, three lives that have become terribly complicated.
Love is not what it seems. Good is not what it seems. Evil does not seem to be what it is.
What will happen when they all once again look into each other’s eyes?
Who will have the courage to come out with the truth?
“The perfect life” is the account of a friendship, two love stories, and at least four betrayals.