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Whatsoeverly (Qualunquemente)

Whatsoeverly (Qualunquemente)

Cetto La Qualunque is a simple man. He simply wants everything and he doesn’t care how he gets it. After a long ‘holiday’ abroad, he returns to his hometown in Calabria with a new girlfriend and their daughter, neither of whose names he can remember, where he introduces them to his tormented wife Carmen and his disappointingly square son Melo.
While he has been away, a wave of lawfulness has swept into the town threatening his business interests. It seems he arrived home just in time... Giovanni De Santis, a dangerous civil rights activist, is running in the forthcoming mayoral elections. So Cetto, after long, tormented reflection in the company of very friendly women, decides to enter politics, whatever the price, and defend his town. Let the election campaign begin!