Il loro Natale

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Il loro Natale

Il loro Natale

original title:

Il loro Natale

directed by:


Mariarca Di Vaio, Maddalena Sibilli





film run:



Digi Beta Pal - colour


Ready (27/10/2010)

festivals & awards:

Il loro Natale is a tale of the everyday lives of women in the jails of Naples during the symbolic time of year that is Christmas. The film tells the story of these women; stories of solitude and dignity, of daily difficulties. Maddalena and Mariarca, Titina and Stefania, days consisting of caring for the home and for their children, and marked by a further need, the attention for husbands “shut away” elsewhere but nevertheless present at every moment by their absence. A “packet” is prepared, money set aside to leave “at the door”, solidarity sought in neighbourly relations and preparations made for the tiring weekly meetings. It is these things that make up the lives of these women, at all times of the year, even when Christmas is fast drawing near.