L'era legale

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L'era legale

L'era legale

L'era legale

original title:

L'era legale

directed by:



costume design:


visual effects:

Paolo Zeccara, Corrado Rizzo, Gianluca Rizzo







35mm - colour

release date:


festivals & awards:

2020: Naples is now the safest, cleanest and most modern city of the entire planet. What has happened? The answer is to be found in a fake documentary on Nicolino Amore’s adventures, a man born extremely poor but who will become Mayor of the city. We will see Nicolino’s odd rising into Naples’s high society, where at first he will enjoy richness and good life … Then we will assist at his existential crisis: Nicolino feeling to be betraying his own people, victims of Camorra and organized crime. But his fight against the underworld turns out to be impossible: narco’s are too rich and powerful… and just when Nicolino is about to give up, an influential Camorra’s patroness, who lost her only child of overdose, gives him the solution: drugs legalization. Free drugs under medical control, this seems the only way to stop narco traffic and dirty business and with it bribery to policemen, politicians, and judges.
Slowly the number of drug abusers decrease, they are considered sick people and not anymore criminals.
Does it all sound like a fairytale? …Bur are we or aren’t we in the future?
In this mockumentary not everything is fake. We also show real people: anti-mafia’s preeminent judges as Pietro Grasso and Vincenzo Macrì, writers as Giancarlo De Cataldo, Carlo Lucarelli and Roberto Saviano, journalists as Bill Emmott and Marcelle Padovani, President of Lega Ambiente, Francesco Ferrante and Tano Grasso President of Libera. All these people express their opinion on the political Prohibition’s failure.