Transeuropae Hotel (first feature)

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Transeuropae Hotel

Transeuropae Hotel

Transeuropae Hotel

original title:

Transeuropae Hotel

directed by:


Pippo Delbono, Peppe Servillo, Marina Rocco, Petra Magoni, Keuri Poiane, Jurema da Matta


set design:

costume design:

Stefania Benelli


Mrf 5 film, supported by Ministero della Cultura, Film Commission Sicilia






35mm - colour

release date:


festivals & awards:

"Transeuropae Hotel" is to a certain extent a film genre. It is a musical film. But it’s not the story of a mise-en-scène or rather the docufiction of a concert. There’s dramaturgy here. It’s the telling of something magic here but something also scientifically possible. And the tale –symbolic/metareal – touches noir/fablesqueentertainment.
A famous percussionist is made todisappear; he is transferred through magic to a parallel reality and a quartet of four improbable characters andthey find him envisioning images and travelling in search of a Candomblé wizard able to furnish the necessary formula for his re-appearance. The film is a meditation on beingcontemporary, on maladjustment, on the value of music and poetry today, on magical and rational thought, on the conviction that other worlds are possible, on the danger we face today to disappear due to the sheer robbery of conscience.
The film was written and directed on the narrative principle of “melodrama”.