Easy (first feature)

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Easy (Scialla!)

Easy (Scialla!)

Easy (Scialla!)

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35mm - colour

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Bruno Beltrame has let it all hang out, for quite a while. All that’s left of his old talent as a writer is just enough to ghost-write “other people’s books”, biographies of football players or television personalities (he is currently writing a book for Tina, a famous Slovakian porno star who has become a producer of porno films). His passion for teaching has given way to an apathetic routine of tutoring equally apathetic students, including fifteen-year old Luca, who is as ignorant as the others, but vivacious and irreverent.
One day the boy’s mother turns up, like a ghost from the past, revealing a secret that turns Bruno’s life upside down: Luca is his son, a son he knew nothing about… And that is not all: the woman is about to leave for a six-month job as a volunteer in Africa, and the boy cannot and certainly does not want to follow her down there. The woman asks Bruno to take the boy in, and take care of him, but without revealing his true identity to him.
This is the beginning of an unlikely coexistence between the lethargic former professor and the restless adolescent, six months during which Luca will have to deal with an adult male figure and Bruno, despite himself, will be forced to take care of this secret son, who moreover seems destined to get himself into big trouble…