Escort in Love (first feature)

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Escort in Love (Nessuno mi può giudicare)

Escort in Love (Nessuno mi può giudicare)

Escort in Love (Nessuno mi può giudicare)

original title:

Nessuno mi può giudicare

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35mm - colour

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Thirty-five year old Alice lives in a nice house in Rome. She has a husband, a nine year old son and three immigrant housekeepers. Her life seems a beautiful dream, but it soon turns out to be a nightmare. Her husband, an intrepreneur in the field of bathroom fittings, dies in a car accident and her lawyer tells her that she is on her uppers. She now has to figure out something for saving her son's and her own lives. The only way she finds to earn money in short time is to do the oldest job in history. She search for information on the Internet and finds someone who's been doing this job for years: Eva. Eva is a beautiful woman in her thirties apparently superficial and cynic.