Se hai una montagna di neve, tienila all'ombra

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Se hai una montagna di neve, tienila all'ombra

Se hai una montagna di neve, tienila all'ombra

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Se hai una montagna di neve, tienila all'ombra

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Marco Alemanno, Franco Battiato, Pietrangelo Buttafuoco, Simone Caltabellotta, Luca Canali, Carmen Consoli, Ivan Cotroneo, Angelo Curti, Giovanni D’Andrea, Lucio Dalla, Maurizio De Giovanni, Gaetano Di Vaio, Massimo Donà, Umberto Eco, Maurizio Ferraris, Enrico ghezzi, Antonio Gnoli, Filippo La Mantia, Giulio Lattanzi, Carmen Llera Moravia, Giacomo Marramao, Francesco Merlo, Laura Morante, Giovanni Reale, Antonio Rezza, Manlio Sgalambro, Vittorio Sgarbi, Paolo Terni, Sandro Veronesi






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DV - colour


Ready (30/12/2010)

Which is the place of culture in Italian people's feelings, in their real life?
Should we make the best of a formal definition of culture - that is a shared value system, lying behind the behaviour of a given community - or can we go further?
For instance, can we ask to people living, working, reading or not reading, loving or not loving, what does the word "culture" means for them?
We chose this second way, looking at askance at that formal definition, and attempting to surprise the passer-by, to catch in him any hesitation, any thought, any certitude, any value, any flick.
During this journey - which has actually been a "real" journey, a Grand Tour - we have passed through several Italian regions, trying to make both places and people talk.
We never ventured out by ourselves, though. In every place we visited, we asked for the help of influential persons, directly working in culture, who possibly know those places.