Tales of the Drina

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Tales of the Drina (I racconti della Drina)

original title:

I racconti della Drina



Italy, Bosnia, Serbia



film run:



DV Cam - colour


Ready (14/11/2010)

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Bosnia and Herzegovina. The village of Bratunac is no-man’s-land; it is controlled by UN troops and oppressed by Serbian nationalism. Stanojka «Cana» Tešic, with the help of her daughter Vladana and of Radmila Zarkovic, makes a decision: to contact the pacifists of former Yugoslavia and reunite them for the first time after the war. The initiative works and this is how the association Forum Zena came to be. Over time, Cana creates a tight-knit national and international network and manages to protect the women of a country in which their role had been annihilated, turning her social dream into a political reality.