Ainom (second feature)




original title:



Ivan Alovisio, Lula Teclehaimanot, Enrico Olocco, Carlo Deprati, Alice Bachi


Mario Garofalo, Daria Pratesi


set design:

Mara Ratti

costume design:

Giacomo Zanardelli


Alessandro Cerino


Ainom Films, Associazione Victor, Luce Cinecittà, with the support of Fondazione CRT - Progetto Lumière, Square, Film Commission Torino Piemonte





film run:



35mm - colour

festivals & awards:

  • RIFF - Roma Independent Film Festival 2012: Narrative films
  • Shanghai International Film Festival 2011: Competition
  • Golden Rooster & hundred flowers China International Film Academy Awards 2011: Winner Best Directors
  • Festival Quintessence de Ouidah Benin 2012: Official Competition
  • Special screening Festival Piemonte Movie 2012
  • Baff film festival 2012: Best First Film, Special Jury Award
  • Écrans Noirs International Camerun Cinema Festival 2012: Best Foreign Film
  • Festicab Festival International du Cinema et de l'Audiovisuel du Burundi 2012: Official Competition
  • Rwanda Film Festival 2012: Official Competition
  • Gallio Film Festival 2012: Competition
  • Santa Marinella Film Festival 2012: Competition - Best Debut Actress (Lula Teclehaimanot)
  • Italian Film Week di Cape Town 2012: Competition
  • Trani Film Festival 2012: Competition

Ainom is an ex-guerrilla fighter from Eritrea who has escaped to Italy. She works at the skilift in a mountain town on the Italian-French border. To support her husband and son back in Africa, she accepts the unwelcome love propositions made by Enrico, an unstable and violent man. But there’s another man in love with her: the town’s Police Marshal Mario, Enrico’s brother.
Ainom’s only thought is to reunite with her family and cross the border. She thus arranges for her husband and son to be smuggled into Italy. But the day of the escape takes an unforeseen turn of events: Alberto and Ludovica, a young couple out skiing, have an accident and have no choice but to seek shelter in the same abandoned monastery where Ainom, who has run away from Enrico’s house, is anxiously waiting for her loved ones.
A rescue unit led by Mario begins the search and eventually finds the kids and Ainom, who in the meantime has reunited with her family. Her plan folded, Ainom urges her husband and son to run and gives herself up to the rescue team.
In a tense crescendo, Ainom then squares up with an outraged Enrico, who confronts her about her attempt to flee. This is when she reconnects with her warrior nature: she breaks the chains and wins back her freedom.