Reveries of a Solitary Walker (first feature)

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Reveries of a Solitary Walker (Fantasticherie di un passeggiatore solitario)

original title:

Fantasticherie di un passeggiatore solitario

directed by:



set design:

Nolwenn Caro, Domenico Matera

costume design:

visual effects:

Illusion / Animazione Claymation: Gianluca Maruotti


Leonardo Cruciano, Angelo Poggi, Daniele Vendra, Marcello Ercole, Dennis Cabella


Smart Brands, Leonardo Cruciano Workshop, supported by Ministero della Cultura, Ve.Pa. Entertainment, Illusion





film run:



HD - colour

release date:



animation film

festivals & awards:

  • BIFFF - Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival 2015
  • Les Rencontres du Cinéma Italien à Grenoble et en Isère 2015: Compétition
  • Samain du cinéma fantastique 2014: Grand Prix
  • Boston Science Fiction Film Festival and Marathon 2015: Best World Film Award
  • Fantastic Cinema Festival 2015: in Competition - Audience Award - Best Feature Film, Agency501 Poster Art Special Recognition Award
  • Fright Night 2015: in Competition
  • AnimaFest 2015: in Competition
  • Future Film Festival 2015: Platinum Grand Prize Competition
  • Mammoth Lake Film Festival 2015: in Competition
  • FantaFestival 2015: Concorso Pipistrello d'Oro - Best First Film
  • London International Festival of Science Fiction and Fantasy Film 2015: in Competition
  • FilmQuest 2015: in Competition
  • Fantastic Zagreb 2015: in Competition
  • ShorTS International Film Festival 2015: Competition Nuove Impronte
  • NOLA - New Orleans Horror Film Festival 2015: in Competition
  • Fargo Fantastic Film Festival 2015: In Competition
  • Morbido Crypt Festival 2015: In Competition
  • ToHorror Film Fest 2015: In Competition - Best Film, Antonio Margheriti Prize for Creativity
  • Puerto Rico Horror Film Festival 2015
  • Fkm Fantastic Film Festival of a Coruna 2015: Best Visual Effects, Best Soundtrack
  • Another Hole in the Head San Francisco 2015
  • Enjoy! Rassegna sul cinema d'animazione d'autore 2015
  • Lucca Comics & Games 2015
  • Nevermore Film Festival 2016
  • Cinema Italiano vista da Milano 2016: Concorso Rivelazioni
  • Latronic Horror - Festival Internazionale del Cinema di Genere 2016: Miglior Film
  • GenreBlast Film Festival 2016
  • Chichester International Film Festival 2016
  • Inventa un Film - Festival Internazionale di Lenola 2016: Label Oro Invisibile, Best Cinematography
  • Il Piccolo Festival della Paura 2016
  • CineFantasy - Festival Internacional de Cinema Fantastico 2016: Audience Choice Award
  • Premio Internazionale Cinearti "La Chioma di Berenice" 2016: Best Musics
  • Santos Film Festival 2016
  • MedFF Mediterranean Film Festival 2017: Best Animation
  • RATS Indipendent Film Festival 2017
  • Cinemafantastique 2017
  • Damnationland international film festival 2017

Three characters in three different ages are united by a dream of freedom and a small masterpiece of literature. A journey through the mysterious and timeless aspirations, sufferings and ‘Reveries’ of a poet, of a young student and a child lost in the woods. Jean Jacques Renou is a writer living in 1876 in a small and dingy basement. Poor and old, he begins to write ‘Reveries of a Solitary Walker’: a kind of Bildungsroman, and at the same time a ‘fantastic recipe’. At the same time, Theo is a young philosophy student. Since childhood he feels trapped between an oppressive family and his quirky passion for unfinished books. Recently, he started to read the unfinished book of a certain Renou. Totally captivated by the novel, he comes to the unexpected conclusion that he must realize the ‘Reverie No. 23’: the ultimate “recipe” written by the poet that leads him to an extraordinary place known as ‘Vacuitas’. Finally, a child lost in a timeless forest is the main character of the book that Renou is writing and that Theo is reading with such fascination...