Mozzarella Stories (first feature)

If only the Chinese hadn’t started producing mozzarella in Campania, the home of Italian mozzarella, then Don Ciccio – the King of Mozzarella, Mr. Buffalo Cheese himself – would have continued producing and selling, selling and producing, and, of course, paying kickbacks to the local camorra. But the Chinese have flooded supermarkets and restaurants with their first-rate and, more importantly, half-price cheese. Bankruptcy looms, as well as the camorra. Ciccio needs money, and getting it triggers a series of events that affect everyone around him. Dudo, one-time water-polo champion, is sent out to collect the money people owe Ciccio. But the melancholic redhead wouldn’t even scare an infant... Local crooner Angelo can’t repay his debts but dreams of singing in Beijing... Ciccio’s associate Gravinio is using the boss‘ weakness to take over the company... Sofia, Ciccio’s daughter, has good ideas for saving the company, but no one listens... Songstress Autilia gives Angelo the money he needs and finds happiness and more in his arms... In a word: There’s love. There’s violence. There are buffaloes. And in the end, there are two women who will continue the legacy of Mr. Mozzarella, Don Ciccio.