Tutta colpa della musica

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Tutta colpa della musica

Tutta colpa della musica

Tutta colpa della musica

original title:

Tutta colpa della musica

directed by:


set design:

costume design:


Tramp Limited, supported by FIP – Film investimenti Piemonte, with the support of Film Commission Torino Piemonte






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35mm - colour

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This is a story of “second love“. Giuseppe is forty-five, married, with a daughter, but he cannot be described as “happy“. Grazia, his wife, a religious fanatic and fervent Jehovah’s Witness, has had a relationship with him, which for years has been based on cold indifference. Chiara, the daughter, has followed her mother in her religious infatuation, and hasn’t really much rapport with him either. Napoleone, his closest and long-standing friend, tells him to shake his life up a bit and try to “live“, convincing him to join him at the city’s choir. The choir meets in a former church, where guys his age can still have fun and even “go on the pull“. Giuseppe embraces his new life to the full and falls in love with Elisa, a very beautiful middle-aged woman he met at the choir. Elisa, though unwilling to leave her family, to whom she’s extremely attached, won’t be able to resist having a true love story with Giuseppe, more involving and important than she could have imagined. Will they be able to cherish their new lives and overcome the situations that stand in the way of their future life together?