The First on the List (second feature)

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The First on the List (I primi della lista)

The First on the List (I primi della lista)

original title:

I primi della lista

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35mm - colour

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The film is inspired by a true story that revolves around the date of June 1, 1970. After the season of student demonstrations and strikes of the working class in Pisa, in Italy spreads the rumor that is under preparation a military coup, as the one of the Colonels in Greece a few years before. Best for people at risk to leave their home for a few days. Pino Masi, author of songs of struggle, decides to leave with two high school students. On the way towards the Yugoslav border, they face armed soldiers and assume that the worst is happening. They do not just think that the next day is June 2 and the military are traveling to Rome for the traditional parade on the Republic Anniversary Day.