Rudy Valentino

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Rudy Valentino

Rudy Valentino

original title:

Rudy Valentino

directed by:


set design:

Carmelo Patrono

costume design:


Enrica Sciandrone


Bunker Lab, supported by Ministero della Cultura, in association with BCC San Marzano di San Giuseppe, with the support of Apulia Film Commission





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“Rudy Valentino” tells the story, between reality and fantasy, of Rodolfo Valentino's return to his native village, Castellaneta, in the summer of 1923.
The story, however, begins today. In a small theater of Castellaneta, an amateur company is rehearsing a show on Rudy “the star”. It tells about the triumphant return home of Rudy Valentino, the world's greatest sex symbol. The show is directed and interpreted by the artistic director, a clumsy character, animated by great passion and a veneration for “the star”.
Suddenly the rehearsal is interrupted by an appearance: a character, elegantly dressed as if they were from the 1920s, claims to be Rudy Valentino. Who is this character? An impostor, a delusional man, or the true Rudy magically resurfacing from the past? While our artistic director bitterly tries to read his script, the theatrical performance magically comes to life. Rudy and his second wife Natasha begin to interact with the actors, being brother Alberto, aunt Rosa, cousins Mimmo and Norma, the wealthy and ruthless owner Di Fonzo...
Reality combines with fiction, or perhaps the opposite.