Magnificent Presence

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Magnificent Presence (Magnifica presenza)

Magnificent Presence (Magnifica presenza)

Magnificent Presence (Magnifica presenza)

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Magnifica presenza

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35mm - colour

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Twenty eight year old Pietro, a lonely soul who works nightshifts in a bakery, has just moved to Rome into a beautiful apartment which is badly in need of repair but crucially has low rent.
He soon starts noticing objects have been moved and there are strange noises coming from empty rooms. It becomes clear that he is not living alone. His initial reaction is to ignore the seven and a half annoying residents, then tries everything he can to get rid of them, to no avail.
Over time, their forced cohabitation falls into a pattern of domestic intimacy and Pietro realises that he is no longer lonely. For the first time he is part of a group with whom he can share his desires, fears and secrets.
When the moment of their separation finally comes, Pietro finds it hard to return to a solitary existence. But, happily, the lessons he learnt from his other-worldly friends have made him braver and truly ready for a new life in which he will never be alone again.