The Valley of the Moon

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la valle della luna

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Ready (05/04/2011)

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The Valley of the Moon is a fabulous rocky headland that dominates the Sardinian Sea, in Italy. An original humanity inhabits this valley. Here, in 1971, a hippie community came to life. In the last 40 years the community has transformed itself: today travelers and artists of all sub-cultures, and from many countries come to the Valley. Mimmo and Antoine, the oldest members, spend their solitary winter enjoying nature in awe and doing the minimum to survive: cooking, searching for wood, water, vegetables, and herbs.
Suddenly, at the beginning of August, the enchantment is broken by the invasion of the younger generation that, like migratory people, infests the valley and let conflicts emerge. The imminent and violent police raid will complicate the situation, accelerating the consciousness of decline in the protagonists.
This story tells of the turnover of generations, the twilight of an idea, the poetic end of a cycle, through the personal experience of the elders.