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About Face (Il volto di un'altra)

About Face (Il volto di un'altra)

original title:

Il volto di un'altra

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R&C Produzioni, Rai Cinema, supported by Ministero della Cultura, with the support of MEDIA, Regione Lazio, IDM Film Commission Südtirol

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35mm - colour

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Bella is the host of a popular television programme about plastic surgery. Her husband René is a surgeon who performs operations on guests during the same show. Then Bella is fired, due to a drop in the ratings. She storms out of the TV studio and has a terrible car accident on the way home, leaving her disfigured. Yet what might well seem to be the coup de grace for Bella’s career turns out to be the perfect occasion to relaunch her own image. The woman decides to have her husband reconstruct a whole new face for her, one with which she will take revenge on those who said she was finished, and regain the love of her audience...
The story is set inside a plastic surgery clinic located in the mountains of Alto Adige. Inside and outside of the clinic we find various types of characters of different background, but they all have a common denominator: the wish to appear and to be protagonists of every event, even if only as spectators. The mediatic circus which forms around the clinic is the metaphor of the way in which nowadays through television every event, even a private one, is turned into a show. This is especially true for every tragedy.
In an ironic, cynical and sometimes paradoxical way we see how these characters, who after all represent the society we live in, feed mainly on events of other people's lives, especially if these ‘other people’ are famous personalities, without considering the truthfulness of the news and facts about them. Everything is believed, even if it is contradictory, as long as it's part of the ‘show’. The mechanism of confusion between fiction and reality is so well blended that once it has been triggered off it is hard to come out of it: we no longer distinguish what is true from what is false.