Ieri e domani

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Ieri e domani

Ieri e domani

Ieri e domani

original title:

Ieri e domani

directed by:




set design:

costume design:


Movimento ArteLuna, in collaborazione con Alfa Produzioni, con il sostegno dell’Assessorato alla Cultura del Comune di Foggia e della Fondazione Banca del Monte di Foggia





film run:




release date:


festivals & awards:

  • Festival del Cinema Europeo di Lecce 2017: Special Mention
  • Valsusa Film Fest 2017: Official Selection
  • Trofeo La Lanterna 2017: Official Selection
  • Valdarno Cinema Fedic 2017: Official Selection
  • Etranger Film Festival 2017: Official Selection
  • Festival dei Corti Cinestesia 2017: Official Selection
  • Longless Film Festival 2017: Official Selection
  • Salento Finibus Terrae 2017: Best Direction
  • Corto e Cultura Film Festival 2017: Best Short
  • Periferia dell’Impero Film Festival 2017: Official Selection
  • Del Racconto, il Film 2017: Official Selection
  • Borgo Piave in Corto 2017: Official Selection
  • Cinemadamare 2017: Official Selection
  • I love GAI Giovani Autori Italiani - Mostra Internazionale d’Arte Cinematografica 2017: Official Selection
  • Camaiore Film Festival 2017: Official Selection
  • Corto Week End Sacro Monte 2017: Official Selection
  • Cellole Corto Film Festival 2017: Official Selection
  • Fano International Film Festival 2017: Special Mention
  • Festival Filoteo Alberini 2017: Official Selection
  • ZeroTrenta Corto Festival 2017: Official Selection
  • CortoDino 2017: Official Selection
  • Wag Film Festival 2017: Official Selection
  • CinePalium Fest 2017: Best Short
  • Lamezia Film Fest 2017: Special Mention
  • Small Movie Festival 2017: Official Selection
  • IveliseCineFestival 2017: Best Actor (Fabrizio Ferracane)
  • Pentedattilo Film Festival 2017: Official Selection
  • Valle d’Itria Corto Festival 2017:Best Screenplay
  • Asti Film Festival 2017: Best Actor (Fabrizio Ferracane)
  • Roma Film Corto 2017: Best Screenplay
  • Prato Film Festival 2018: Official Selection
  • Gulf of Naples Independent Film Festival 2018: Official Selection
  • Inventa un Film 2018: Best Screenplay
  • Festival del Cinema di Taurasi 2018: Official Selection
  • Terra di Siena Film Festival 2018: Official Selection
  • IL Film Festival Italian London Short Film Festival 2018: Best Direction
  • Foggia Film Festival 2018: Special Prize Shooting Apulia
  • Via dei Corti 2018: Best Story

Two solitudes touch lightly in a town in Southern Italy. Vito, a taciturn and mysterious coroner, is tied to the memory of a love gone, until an encounter with a college girl upsets his routine. Nadia, the wife of a criminal, contrives a daring plan in order to put an end to the violence she's suffering from her husband. Between the impossibility to forget the past and the hope for a better future, the two characters undertake a life journey through stops, expectations and restarts.