Antonio + Silvana = 2

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Antonio + Silvana = 2

Antonio + Silvana = 2

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Antonio + Silvana = 2


Silvana Basile, Antonio Catalini, Luciano Piastra







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HD - colour


Ready (29/09/2011)

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“Antonio and Silvana just married” tells the tale of Silvana, a woman of almost 60 years old, madly in love with Antonio, a man who is for his part, 77. In Trastevere, an ancient quarter in the heart of Rome, frozen in time, the tranquillity of the population has been devastated by the love gestures of Silvana, who, in order to re-conquer Antonio, her lost love, would be prepared to stop at nothing. Silvana appeared one day, last Winter in an alleyway of Trastevere. Her presence does not pass unobserved, because Silvana carries on her face and body the signs of a life lived to its limit, a life permanently in flight, made up of prostitution, drugs and social assistants.
Silvana waits every day for Antonio to come out of the rest-home where he closed himself in January 2010, and from which he never comes out, fearful of meeting her. Silvana and Antonio lived together for a couple of years, and then he, exasperated by her jealousy, and evicted from the apartment in which he lived, and forced by destitution, went to live in a rest-home in Trastevere, at the end of an alley-way where Silvana has been waiting for him, for months now. She’s never giving up the battle, and he neither: he has taken his decision, and is convinced that their story is finished forever. Silvana immediately felt the necessity the shout out loud her loved for Antonio, to let everyone know of it, and has begun to write love-messages on the walls of the alleyway which leads to the rest-home. One after the other, month after month, the messages grow into a veritable romantic novel in episodes, that she is publicly dedicating to him, writing on all the walls of the street. The writings, just like Silvana, do not pass unobserved, because they are a stream of emotions, of love, passion, and sometimes anger. They are a real and true “installation” which is growing up in front of the eyes of the inhabitants of Trastevere, almost daily. And in Trastevere there are those who adore Silvana, and those, on the other hand, who detest her, because they feel she has dirtied the street, and they want her to go away.
But a part of the quarter detest her because they think she has dirtied the street and she should clear off. But a part of the quarter supports her and would like to help her because Silvana is the emblem of liberty, and is doing what everyone, at least once in their lives, would have liked to do for love: shout it out to the world to feel oneself alive. And Silvana is alive, looking only ahead to the future, without ever turning back. She’s waiting for Antonio, trusting that tomorrow will be definitely better than today. Antonio, for his part, has closed himself into a monastic retreat. He is still in love with Silvana, but fears her jealousy. He would like to come out and face her, but the fear of the future impedes him.