The Cherry on the Cake (first feature)

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The Cherry on the Cake (La cerise sur le gâteau)

The Cherry on the Cake (La cerise sur le gâteau)

original title:

La cerise sur le gâteau

italian title:


directed by:


costume design:


Bruno Pésery, Francesco Giammatteo


Nuts and Bolts Productions, Soudaine Compagnie, Maison de Cinéma, Filmexport Group


world sales:





film run:



35mm - colour

aspect ratio:


release date:


festivals & awards:

Amanda has a complex relationship with men. Florence, her best friend, would really like to see her settle down in a stable and harmonious relationship but Hubert, Florence's husband who works as an analyst, is very pessimistic. For him, the diagnosis is clear: Amanda suffers from androphobia, a genuine fear of men that causes her to systematically destroy any relationship that could become serious.Events seem to prove Hubert right. After all, on Christmas Eve, Amanda doesn't think twice about splitting up with Bertrand after he carelessly devours the cherry on top of the cake that they had decided to share.When Florence insists that Amanda shouldn't stay alone at home on New Year's Eve, she only manages to persuade her to spend the evening with them after promising that all the other guests will be couples, except for a colleague who will not be a threat because he's gay.The trouble is that Maxime, the colleague in question, leaves for Amsterdam at the last minute to join his lover and that Antoine, another colleague, abandoned by his wife, comes to the party alone...