The Landlords (second feature)

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The Landlords (Padroni di casa)

The Landlords (Padroni di casa)

original title:

Padroni di casa


Elio Germano, Valerio Mastandrea, Gianni Morandi, Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, Mauro Marchese, Francesca Rabbi, Lorenzo Rivola, Alina Gulyalyeva, Giovanni Piccinini


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35mm - colour

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Present-day Italy. Cosimo and Elia, two young brothers with ideas of making it big in the construction business, travel from Rome to a remote village in the Apennines between Tuscany and Emilia. Their job is to rebuild a villa for the sole landowner in the area, the popular singer Fausto Mieli. Long retired from show business, Mieli has been living in the village for over a decade with his wife Moira, who is confined to a wheelchair by illness. The former star is both loved and hated by the local residents and plans to give a come-back concert in the village in a few days' time. Meanwhile, the tactless and unwittingly arrogant behavior of Cosimo and Elia arouses hostility among the villagers and ruffles the feathers of the local males. Adriana, the village beauty, is strongly attracted to Elia and secretly desires to run off with him. The conflict that develops with the arrival of the "outsiders" will have terrible and unexpected consequences for those involved and for the whole community.