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Rewined (Vinodentro)

Rewined (Vinodentro)

Rewined (Vinodentro)

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Heidrun Schleef, Ferdinando Vicentini Orgnani, from the novel "Vino dentro" by Fabio Marcotto


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Alba Produzioni, supported by Ministero della Cultura, Moodyproduction, with the collaboration of Trentino Marketing, with the support of Trentino Film Commission

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It all started with the first sip of wine Giovanni Cuttin had in his life, at the age of thirty-five. A “Marzemino”, like the one mentioned by Lorenzo Da Ponte in his libretto for Mozart’s “Don Giovanni”, a typical wine from a small area in the North of Italy, in the province of Trento.
As the blood red drop met his tongue, the bank clerk felt a kind of transcendental and pleasant explosion in his brain and from that day on he was a different man. In only three years the shy, married and ridiculed bank clerk became the director of the bank, a tombeur de femmes and the most revered and popular wine expert in Italy. Just like the mysterious and charismatic “Professor” who convinced him tasting the excellent nectar had foretold him. The only event that the Professor, met accidently in a bar, with his foreign accent and piercing blue eyes hadn’t predicted, was that Giovanni Cuttin soon would be charged for the murder of his wife Adele.
Being grilled at the police station by Inspector Sanfelice, Giovanni reflects on the last three years of his life, dominated by an only mad passion: wine.
In order to taste more and more exclusive and expensive bottles, from an honest man and loving husband he turned into a thief, a liar, a cheater and nevertheless a star in the world of wine tasting. But also a murderer? Led by Sanfelice's rational method, the investigation becomes more and more caught between the boundaries of reality and its dreamlike counterpart, like the pieces of a puzzle laid out on a table.
What if Giovanni, like Faust, had met a diabolic force that had changed his life's coordinates, making it a very special journey, only to settle the score later?

“I was immediately inspired by Fabio Marcotto’s novel, and its somewhat Faustian roots. It gave me a good starting point, an underlying idea from which to work. The protagonist has to revisit and explain the changes in his life through the rational lens of a police investigation. The story shifts between noir and comedy. It has a circular structure that perhaps looks complicated, but is only seemingly so. The plot twist is continuously tied to the games that memory plays and the double meanings of reality that our protagonist finds himself experiencing firsthand. Fragments of his life take on different meanings: seemingly important things prove entirely futile, while insignificant things become of fundamental importance.”