Parking Lot (second feature)

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Parking Lot

Parking Lot

original title:

Parking Lot



Claudio Del Bravo

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3D - colour

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Late evening in a mall parking lot and a young woman is lying unconscious on the emergency stairwell. Having left her friend, Lorna went looking for her car. It's almost midnight before she is conscious, only to discover that both her bag and her insulin are missing. She is diabetic and having eaten just before losing consciousness, she risks hyperglycemic coma if she doesn't administer her injection as soon as possible. Time is not on her side and neither are the men who lay in wait for her. Lorna won't be going home tonight, she's got an invitation to a party that she cannot refuse. She is in fact the chosen victim of a premeditated reality thriller where her every move is being recorded and any cry for help will only confirm her separation from the outside world, a world she had previously been running from. Her tortuous journey through the ominous parking lot won't be a merely physical one. Lorna will be forced to journey back through her mind and confront her past if she has any hope in winning back her future. To them it's just a game, to her, it's her life.