Il colore del vento

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Il colore del vento

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35mm - colour

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From Dubrovnik to Bari, from Istanbul to Lampedusa, this film by Bruno Bigoni - one of the few directors of auteur documentaries to come out of the late 80s - fills in a ship’s log as the camera follows a cargo ship along the coasts of the world’s most ancient sea, like a finger tracing a route on a map. It’s the diary of a journey through layers of history (in Barcelona we meet the last living witness of the anarchist revolution in 1936) and back to the unpredictable present (in Genoa we hear the story of a Nigerian woman who reached Italy over the slave routes). Ranging from Hugo Pratt and Ryszard Kapuscinski, from the colourful coastline to war-time bloodshed, Bigoni’s camera pitches on the swell of an ocean that, just like the present, can be ridden, but never stopped.