Out of Tehran

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Out of Tehran

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Out of Tehran

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Ready (24/07/2011)

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This is a story about people leaving Iran, because it has become impossible for them to live a normal life there. There are three youths and a teacher whose paths cross: they have fallen into the clutches of the regime through no fault of their own; some have been imprisoned and tortured. Their eyes are full of the violence of those days demonstrating against the regime and they talk of the horror of the repression they have personally experienced. Abbas, Ebrahim, Hossein and Narges have left Iran either through the mountains of Kurdistan, with the help of smugglers, or through Turkey. Others have simply got on a plane and never come back. In their mind, the journey is always the same, as is the sense of impotence against a regime that has ruined their existence and deprived them of their deepest attachments. Abbas taught Economics at university, Ebrahim was a blogger, Hussein worked in TV, Narges was a documentary maker. One day in Germany, the latter, the daughter of one of the ex leaders of the Ahmadinejad regime, talks about human rights and can no longer go back home. Their stories, their minimal diaries, are a violent denouncement of a regime that has taken on the guise of a torturer. They are the memory of those still imprisoned or without a voice. But in the end all their voices dissolve into the melancholic whisper of the exiles who dream of returning home.