Dai nostri inviati - La RAI racconta la Mostra del cinema 1968 - 1979

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Dai nostri inviati - La RAI racconta la Mostra del cinema 1968 - 1979


Gianluca Borgogelli


Rai Movie, Rai Educational, Rai Teche





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Ready (24/07/2011)

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Dai nostri inviati – La Rai racconta la Mostra del Cinema di Venezia has reached its second instalment, covering the years from 1968 to 1979. Protest breaks out at the Film Festival, marked by counter-festivals organised by the Anac, the tormented directorship of Gianluigi Rondi, the definitive disappearance of the Festival and the Days of Italian Cinema, La Biennale of Carlo Ripa di Meana, and on to the 1979 edition, marking the rebirth of the Festival, now called the Mostra Internazionale d’Arte Cinematografica. Carlo Lizzani takes over the directorship – he was one of the ’68 protesters – and cinema returns to Venice! All of this is seen through the eyes of the Rai, with reports by its special correspondents – Carlo Mazzarella, Lello Bersani and later Virgilio Boccardi and Beniamino Placido – and through special programmes by René Clair, Mario Soldati and Alfonso Gatto. Stars, American directors, the return of Fellini to the Lagoon, the battle against the old statues, the provocative stance of young directors. The years in which everything was political, and then 1979, the desire for fun and glamour, the colour reports by Bersani and Placido, in which appear Bernardo Bertolucci, Monica Vitti and Martin Scorsese, amongst others. The following year, in 1980, the Festival reintroduced competitions, but that is another story...