Schuberth – L’atelier della dolce vita

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Schuberth – L’atelier della dolce vita

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Ready (24/07/2011)

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The dolce vita was invented by Fellini, narrated by Flaiano and clothed by Schuberth, the tailor to “divas and queens“. In his colourful atelier in Via Condotti, the main protagonists of the international jet set and Roman high society would meet along with the stars of “Hollywood on the Tiber“, which in that period, from the latter half of the 50’s through the 60’s, was going through its most intense and frenetic season. From Loren to Lollobrigida, from Soraya to Martine Carole, all charmed by that unique style, striking and feminine to the point that there were many who at that time wrote on their wedding invitations...“The bride will be wearing a dress by Schuberth“! An eccentric character and a skilful propagandist of his own excessive image, Schuberth managed to establish an Italian style which distanced itself finally from the Parisian hegemony. But then, upon his death in 1972, his magical workshop would shortly follow him. A dazzling but brief trajectory, peculiar in the world of fashion where a designer always leaves heirs. His story is told through interviews and images from the period including those of the “media persecution“ by the film press against the character of Schuberth, as well as testimony from the witnesses of the time and from the younger generation who have learnt their lessons of style and image from him.