Hollywood Invasion

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Hollywood Invasion

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Hollywood Invasion

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Ready (24/07/2011)

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Italy, Europe, the world of the years when Hollywood was on the Tiber told for the first time with material taken from the NBC Universal archive in New York: a previously unseen and original look into thirty years of history of the great international cinema, seen through the reportage and television bulletins of the famous American TV network.
It is a history of what could be considered a kind of “reciprocal invasion“. On one hand, there was the industrial American production machine in Europe driven by the big Hollywood studios and by the producers capable of stamping their personal vision on the cinema of those years. On the other hand, there were the great European talents: the directors and stars who have made that epoch unforgettable and who, in the 1960s and 1970s, “invaded“ the collective imagination of the United States, marking it forever with their charisma and their talent.
The birth and development of a new production phenomenon, is seen in the context of an era of great cultural, social and political ferment.