Dietro il buio

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Dietro il buio

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Dietro il buio


Giorgio Pressburger, Claudio Magris, from "Lei dunque capirà" by Claudio Magris



Sine Sole Cinéma, in cooperation with C.C.C.B. Barcellona





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The film, based on the play by Claudio Magris, “Lei dunque capira’”, shows the journey of a young woman through the maze-like rest home which her husband wants her to leave, to bring her back to normal life. During the woman’s journey, through basements, offices, dirt roads, bogs and fields she is accompanied by the rest home’s president, who is only seen as a shadow. “The film’s challenge is to find the necessary depth and the necessary dynamism which will allow the viewer to feel involved in the events, themes which aren’t based on pure escapism but which are about real, human emotions common to many people (...) Trepidation, fear, the crushing wait for a loved one, mystery and incertitude hover over the whole story. Every move, every part of the journey is designed to contribute to the tension and the representation of an incredibly strong passion, one such as to reveal itself in the strangest, most unexpected way. The acting, photography, music and editing are geared towards invloving male and female viewers (in different ways) in this painful exploration full of internal and external adventures. (Giorgio Pressburger)