Amore carne (second feature)

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Amore carne

Amore carne

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Amore carne

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Pippo Delbono, Irène Jacob, Marisa Berenson, Tilda Swinton, Bobò, Marie-Agnes Gillot, Sophie Calle


Pippo Delbono, excerpts from Arthur Rimbaud, Pier Paolo Pasolini, T. S. Eliot


Pippo Delbono, Frédéric Maire, Fabrice Aragno






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During the course of a series of voyages, the pocket cameras of Pippo Delbono capture unique moments, ordinary and extraordinary meetings. From a hotel room in Paris to another in Budapest, from Istanbul to Bucharest, the journeys weave a fabric of the contemporary world. Its testimonials – some famous, others anonymous – say or dance their vision of the universe. The encounters (with his mother, friends, strangers) are so many images of the world of yesterday, today and tomorrow. A world that one person recounts through music (as in the case of composer and violinist Alexander Balanescu), another through gesture (as with Marie-Agnès Gillot, étoile at the Paris Opéra), or through words (actress Irène Jacob) or even silence (as in the case of Bobò, Delbono’s iconic deafmute actor, artist Sophie Calle and actress Marisa Berenson). At times, the camera is hidden. At times, it records the moments before a catastrophe, as in the case of the earthquake at L’Aquila. Or those after, as at Birkenau. Unrepeatable, true moments, that the eyes of Pippo Delbono see as he walks; eyes that stop, slow, seek, are unsure, discover. From one image to the next, from one text to another, one space to another, the camera speaks to us of love. Of poetry. And flesh. With all its load of passion, dark sides, suffering, tragedy and humour.