Questa storia qua

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Questa storia qua

Questa storia qua

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Questa storia qua


Vasco Rossi







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Using unedited archive footage Questa storia qua recounts Vasco Rossi’s exceptional career as an artist and a man. Twenty-five million albums sold in his thirty year-long career, unfading success and a unique story: Vasco Rossi talks about himself in this documentary and for the first time presents us with an intimate self portrait. A new, authentic picture is created of this rockstar from Emilia Romagna thanks to super 8 footage, family photographs and amateur videos. Vasco accompanies us along the path which took him from Zocca, in the province of Modena, to success. He describes his personal history without ever taking himself too seriously, while his words conjure up recollections of an era and a generation. He is accompanied by friends, his loved ones and musicians who have always followed him and who help us to discover that special mix of memories, nostalgia, rebellion, freedom and talent which have inspired his songs. It was on the crest of this wave of emotions and recollections that Vasco Rossi composed I soliti for this film “We’re the ones with dreams and great passions“ says the song “we’re the ones you see here“.