Case chiuse

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Case chiuse

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Case chiuse

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Piera Degli Esposti, Mariangela d’Abbraccio, Tinto Brass, Lando Buzzanca, Eva Cantarella, Luciana Castellina, Pia Covre, Louis Godar, Michele Lo Foco, Lina Wertmüller







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February 20, 1958: the Italian Parliament approved Law No. 75, the "Merlin Law": the end of an institution of Italian society for ages: the brothel.
The Italian writer Dino Buzzati likens the event to the fire in the library of Alexandria in Egypt.
The brothel is an institution that has spanned the centuries,thru different aspects, different forms. It is an institution that, in Italy, at least officially no longer exists. But it is also an institution that in other countries, still exists.
The docu offers a journey that will start from the ruins of Pompeii brothel to get to the lights of Artemis in Berlin, with its soft drinks and its attention to the well-being and to the erotic papyrus from the Egyptian Museum of Turin and the giant Paradise in Girona, that El Pais has called the biggest brothel in Europe.