African Women

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African Women

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African Women

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Diego Glickman





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Ready (14/10/2011)

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"A Journey for a Nobel Peace Prize" - In Africa, women are a better credit-risk than men and more responsible managers of meagre resources. Furthermore, they are more committed to using their loans for the benefit of their household rather than self-gratifying consumption (as common among men). The most compelling reason for MFI’s to prioritize women is to assist the poorest, who are disproportionately women.
This film wants to encourage the movement of the African Women and also wants to ask to the Nobel organisation to award them the Nobel peace prize. The reason for this is that we also believe that “Africa walks on the feet of women”. A lot of intellectuals around the world confirm this belief and a lot of new economical theories say that the best way to help Africa is to support women. We have interviewed a lot of African women associated with this movement during the World Social Forum 2011 in Dakar, who explained why they believe they deserve this prize. We would like to complete the production by securing important interviews with people.