All about you (first feature)

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All about you (Tutto parla di te)

All about you (Tutto parla di te)

All about you (Tutto parla di te)

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Tutto parla di te

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MIR Cinematografica, Ventura Film, Rai Cinema, RSI Radiotelevisione Svizzera Italiana, with the support of FIP - Film Investimenti Piemonte, Film Commission Torino Piemonte





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HD - colour

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Pauline, a beguiling woman in her 60s, returns to her hometown, Turin, for the first time since she was ten years old. She has inherited her aunt’s apartment in town. In Turin Pauline contacts Dr. Angela Gualtieri, a psychologist whom she had met abroad some time before; Angela runs a maternity centre, the Melograno, a support centre where both mothers to be and young mothers with post natal depression seek help. At the Melograno they are constantly short of help, that’s why Angela asks Pauline to give her a hand in setting up an in-house archive collecting different material relating to maternity: video interviews to new mothers, mothers diaries, photo portraits of mother and child. Pauline accepts and starts her work plunging deep in an emotional material that touches her strongly: the controversial feelings experienced by women in their relation with the child.
Pauline divides up her time between work at Melograno and trying to find her own space at her home, her aunt’s apartment, a place that reconnects her strongly with her forgotten past. The place is full of traces of Pauline’s family history, and amongst the many objects, Pauline finds some photographs and listens to some sound recordings that unsettle her.
At Melograno Pauline meets Emma, a young mother, formerly a dancer, who is in strong conflict with her new role as a mother; she feels unattached to her baby and depressed, reason why she seeks help at the centre. Emma’s ways are brusque and distant, so much centred on herself and her malaise. But Emma attracts Pauline, she reminds her of someone, and the two develop a special relationship. While at work classifying the Melograno archive material, Pauline finds Emma’s diary written during pregnancy; Pauline starts to read and gets to know Emma more intimately.
One night Emma leaves a worrying message on the answering machine at Melograno: her baby has fallen… got hurt…she doesn’t know what to do. She’s in panic, asks for help.
The following morning Pauline finds the message; she immediately calls back Emma, tries to find her, but in vain. Pauline goes to look for her at her flat, where there’s no trace of her but where she meets Emma’s boyfriend Tommaso; she then looks for her at the theatre where she used to dance, and finally at the house on the lake where Emma may have gone with her baby.
The relation with Emma will develop in an intriguing mirror-like exchange between the two women, and will encourage Pauline to undertake a personal investigation on the most complex and dramatic aspects of motherhood, a quest that will face her with her tragic and mysterious past and force her to come to terms with it.