There Will Come a Day

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There Will Come a Day (Un giorno devi andare)

There Will Come a Day (Un giorno devi andare)

original title:

Un giorno devi andare

directed by:


Jasmine Trinca, Anne Alvaro, Sonia Gessner, Pia Engleberth, Amanda Fonseca Galvao, Paulo De Souza, Eder Frota Dos Santos, Manuela Mendonça Marinho


set design:


Lumière & Co., Aranciafilm, Rai Cinema, supported by Ministero della Cultura, Groupe Deux, in association with Bnl Gruppo Bnp Paribas, with the support of Eurimages, Trentino Film Commission





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Painful family issues push Augusta, a young Italian woman, to doubt the certainties on which she had built her existence. On a small boat and inthe immensity of the Amazon nature she begins her journey accompanying Sister Franca, a friend of her mother’s, in her mission to the Indiosvillages. Augusta’s journey seems driven only by questions to which she doesn’t have any answer.After having parted company from Franca, Augusta fits in the reality of the favelas of Manaus: here, through the meeting of the simple localpeople, she manages to perceive again the atavistic strength of the instinct of life. She undertakes “her” journey, as far as isolating herself inthe forest, welcoming her pain and finding love again, both with her body and soul.In a dimension where nature assumes a prophetic meaning, where it scans new times and establishes existential priorities, Augusta faces theadventure of the searching for herself, incarnating the universal matter of the meaning of the human existence.