And it's so, about, more or less

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And it's so, about, more or less (Ed è così. Circa. Più o meno)

original title:

Ed è così. Circa. Più o meno

directed by:


Franco Chiapino, Adelina Capone Chiapino, Mariella Navale, Nathaniel, Francesco, Teresa, Caterina, Tommaso, Giulia, Wellington, Tamara e/and Valentina Mele, Happy e/and Joy, Rita Zandarin, Manuela Giacomini






film run:



35mm/Digi Beta Pal - colour


Ready (12/11/2011)

festivals & awards:

“’I have a horror of all professions. Owners and workers, all of them are bumpkins, ignoble. The hand that wields the pen is the equal of the hand that wields the plow,’ wrote Rimbaud. ‘It is quite obvious to me that I have always been of an inferior race.’ I say that I am not up to it, and yet I, too, search for an absolute, which is paradoxically relative, since it is mine. This is one of my most personal films under the heading ‘documentary.’ Delina, the old peasant woman, shows up in all my films. She is tied to the theme of the earth and the countryside. My cinema is dual/dualistic, of oppositions, between city and countryside, between traveling and remaining, between here and there, between male and female, affirmation and negation, day and night/light and dark, inside and outside, etc. So it is (or it isn’t). And it’s so. About. More or less clashes fatally at the end with a suspension, right at the moment in which, as I’m filming the external reality, so-called ‘life,’ I am trying to circumscribe it, define it. Sometimes film goes beyond the crossroads that make it and it delivers itself to us like the message in the bottle that has been at the mercy of the water and sea currents (the nth?).”