La moglie del sarto (second feature)

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La moglie del sarto

La moglie del sarto

original title:

La moglie del sarto

directed by:


Massimo Scaglione, Rosaria Gaudio


costume design:


Rosario Gaudio, Gaetano Romeo


Red Moon Films, supported by Ministero della Cultura, supported by Film Commission Calabria







release date:


festivals & awards:

Rosetta (Maria Grazia CUCINOTTA) is a lively, charming and confident 42 years old southern flower of the Thyrrenian coast.
She’s happily living with her husband Edmondo. He’s the best tailor in all of Calabria. They’re both proud of their atelier and of their beautiful daughter Sofia(Marta GASTINI). With the sudden death of Edmondo, at the apex of artistic and economic success, Sofia and Rosetta are left alone by all their relatives and supposed friends; so they throw themselves in the only resource that life has left them: to keep the tailor shop working.
But to work in contact with men, their comeliness, their independence, start an uncontrollable number of wild speculations: the shop would really be the front for a brothel.
Adelina( Aurora QUATTROCCHI), a family friend, keen to help the widow, arranges the marriage between Sofia and a handsome young puppeteer(Alessio VASSALLO), but will this really solve their problems? As the three are finally parting ways, under the threat of impending economic disaster, Rosetta reveals she’s pregnant binding the trio even closer in spite of doubts and tribulations. Who’s son will it be?
Our story revolves around the tailor shop and our main characters, as well as the small town’s inhabitants. (Ernesto MAHIEUX as the Bartender, Ninni Bruschetta as Counselor Cordaro, Tony SPERANDEO as the Maestro Puppetteer and Claudio BOTOSSO as the Piemontese) The townspeople turn into the trio’s persecutors but their try at cruelty is undermined by their clumsiness and inherent incompetence. It all makes for a rather fresh and enjoyable storyline, veined by sulphurous wisdom.