La mia mamma suona il rock

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La mia mamma suona il rock

original title:

La mia mamma suona il rock

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costume design:


Pantofola gang






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Cristiano and Franco are a fifty years old gay couple. They hold an established fashion house. Cristiano, eccentric of Sicilian origin, is the creative designer, while Franco, true Roman, takes care of the administrative and financial company. However, Christian has a problem that deeply distress: he would like to have a child! Exasperated by the situation, which in Italy has no way out, Franco turns away and Cristiano falls in loneliness and depression for months. After a night of alcohol, Cristiano wants to jump off a bridge, but is saved by Massimo, the busted leader of a Rock Band. Cristiano goes crazy: he smashes a bottle of whiskey in his head, leaving him unconscious and kidnaps Massimo. The next morning, the latter opens his eyes and finds himself tied to a bed like a sausage: his piercing has been removed, he is completely shaved and his hair cut. He is at Cristiano's place, who has decided to take care of him making it in effect the child who he has always dreamed of. The only hope for Massimo to escape this prison is crazy Gilda, his beautiful girlfriend...