Come non detto (first feature)

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Come non detto

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Mattia (Josafat Vagni), 25, lives in Rome with his family but is about to move to Madrid to go live with his longtime boyfriend Eduard (Jose Dammert) who is conviced that Mattia is "out" to his family. Unfortunately, that could not be more untrue. Mattia's crazy family features a womanizing ego-maniacal father (Ninni Bruschetta), a meek and subservient mother (Monica Guerritore), a coarse, dominating and always pregnant sister (Valentina Correani) and an 84 year-old granny in search for her first job (Lucia Guzzardo). Mattia is just an inch from a clean getaway to Spain when Eduard announces that he is on his way to Rome to meet the in-laws. Mattia now has to choose between telling his boyfriend he is a liar or finally coming out to his family. Maybe not all is lost as Mattia's longtime friends Giacomo (Francesco Montanari) and Stefania (Valeria Bilello) might save the day but the clock is ticking while Eduard is boarding his flight to Rome and the whole family is getting ready for the farewell dinner which Eduard might or might not attend...