Rien va (second feature)

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Rien va

original title:

Rien va

directed by:


Ruggero Cappuccio, from his novel "Edipo a Colono"


set design:

costume design:








Alessandro Tommasi, a retired university professor, a scholar of ancient Greek literature, lives in absolute solitude in a little town in Cilento. Ostracised from his family and the little community around him, each day the professor gradually loses contact with reality, activating a growing visionariness that leads him into conversing with thè ghosts of classical ancient Greece.
Tommasi, who during his childhood was deeply disturbed by his mother's suicide, has taken refuge in the cellars of his old country house.
A psychiatrist's visit triggers the attempt to bring the professor back to the confines of a so-called normal social rituality. However, Tommasi, in his altered sense of the relation between past and present, follows a desperate and poetic vision of existence. Evicted by public officials and distanced from his old family home, the professor begins to wander the streets of the countryside and the big cities; the railway stations and archeological sites in Cilento, while the voices and words of Oedipus in Colonus by Sophocles echo around his mind.
In the conflictual encounter with a policeman who pursues him, with a gipsy girl, and with the custodian of an old cemetery, Tommasi is convinced he can hear lines and feel moods from the Sophoclean tragedy. The professor is searching for a hypothetical Colonus, that is shaped by his desire into representing a piace of peace and salvation.