Take Five (second feature)

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Take Five

Take Five

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Take Five

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Gaetano is a robber who served several years in prison. Now he is a trader of stolen goods.
Peppe was a legend in the neighborhood for his comic attitude, a robber who has just been released from prison where he served 10 years. He is now depressed.
Ruocco is a boxer who has been forced to clandestine meetings after breaking a chair over the head of a corrupted judge.
Striano is a robber, a kind of small boss on the rise of the heart of Naples.
Carmine is a simple worker, assigned to the sewers, that he knows by heart. He is addicted to games and gamblings. One morning, he finds himself in the vault of the Bank of Naples because of a loss to the sewer system. And he has an idea ...
The film tells the story of the daring robbery practiced by these five men who have little or nothing in common.
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