Living Food Communities - Pokot Ash Yoghurt

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Living Food Communities - Pokot Ash Yoghurt

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Living Food Communities - Pokot Ash Yoghurt





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Ready (31/01/2012)

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Pokot Ash Yoghurt depicts the life of the Pokot community of Tarsoi, centered around the production of their traditional yoghurt made with goat and cow milk, and combined with the ashes of the local cromwo tree. The story follows Peter and John, two former students of the Università di Scienze Gastronomiche who helped launch the Presidium in 2009 and currently coordinate the Slow Food network in Kenya, in their work of assisting the community through helping to improve animal health, local pastures and so on. We meet some members of the community, their families, encounter their traditions and daily life, and finally follow some of them to the most important international festival dedicated to cheese and dairy products, Slow Food's Cheese event.